CPAN® and CAPA® Certification:
Nursing Passion in Action®

The American Board of Perianesthesia Nursing Certification, Inc. (ABPANC) is responsible for developing, sponsoring and managing the CPAN and CAPA nursing certification programs. These national professional certification programs are designed for registered nurses caring for patients who have experienced sedation, analgesia and anesthesia in a hospital or ambulatory care facility.

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Recertifying in Fall 2017?
If you are due to recertify your CPAN and/or CAPA credential in the Fall 2017 Cycle, the deadline for submitting the online Recertification Application is October 31, 2017.


Join an elite group of experienced nursing colleagues who collectively serve to promote quality patient care.



Maintain your CPAN or CAPA certification with knowledge of the most current best practices.



Find study tools, award and scholarship information, volunteer opportunities, plus tips for promoting certification.


CPAN® and CAPA® are nationally accredited and recognized credentials that validate your specialized knowledge as a Perianesthesia nurse.

"My Certification Story"

Read the stories of nurses who have completed their CPAN or CAPA certification.

The Benefits of CPAN® and CAPA® Certification

Join an elite group of experienced nursing colleagues who collectively serve to promote quality patient care while enhancing the awareness and respect of Perianesthesia Nursing.

  • Reflects commitment to perianesthesia nursing and quality patient care
  • Increased professional credibility with patients and their loved ones
  • Validation of current knowledge, experience and commitment to life-long learning
  • Strong sense of achievement, personal pride and increased self esteem
  • Gives a competitive edge in the job market


Test your knowledge with our new CPAN and CAPA Study Questions of the Week! Check back next Wednesday for the answer or subscribe for weekly emails.

CPAN Question of the Week

During colonoscopy under nurse administered moderate sedation, the tech has left the room. The gastroenterologist asks the monitoring RN to assist with a polypectomy. According to ASPAN Standards, the nurse should:

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CAPA Question of the Week

In caring for a patient with sickle cell anemia, the perianesthesia nurse applies measures to prevent a crisis by:

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NCC in partnership with several other certifying organizations has launched a national Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign. Certified Nurses are Everywhere!


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ABPANC Certification Achievement Award

Recognizing perianesthesia units that have 75% or greater of eligible nurses CPAN and/or CAPA certified.

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Read the Public's Perspective

A quarterly column written by ABPANC’s Public Board Member about the value of nursing certification.

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As of July 11, 2016, ABPANC has changed its testing vendor to PSI Services, LLC for the delivery of the CPAN and CAPA certification examinations.