President’s Page

By Linda Lakdawala, DNP, RN, CPAN® — ABPANC President

Spring 2017 is a time of transition for ABPANC. As an organization we anticipate change and prepare for it along the way. Our strong foundation of 12,000+ certified perianesthesia nurses and an amazing group of volunteer leaders will guide us toward continued growth and commitment in 2017 and beyond. Currently there are: 7,274 CPANs, 4,893 CAPAs and 629 dually certified CPAN/CAPA certified nurses. I congratulate you and appreciate your achievement to uphold perianesthesia nursing excellence!

I’m sure that everyone on the ABPANC Board was concerned when our CEO, Bonnie Niebuhr, announced her plans for retirement at the end of this year. Bonnie has been a strong and effective leader for the past 22 years. She is recognized throughout the nursing certification and accreditation world as a leader, mentor and a good friend to her many colleagues. I am confident that Bonnie will support and mentor her replacement in the professional manner that she has guided ABPANC, with a passion for nursing certification.

ABPANC has been busy this past year with a focus on developing new study tools and resources for perianesthesia nurses interested in becoming certified. Please visit our website if you are preparing for certification or recertification and click on the tabs across the top for valuable insight and information.

ABPANC recently introduced its first mobile Study App with CPAN and CAPA study questions in a user-friendly format for mobile phones and tablets. Our Board member, Laura Williams has been a driver of this exciting new study aid and is thrilled to have the product revealed before her six-year term ends this summer. She has been our education extraordinaire by developing the 12-week Study Plan and the Concept Study Guide. She has visited countless component meetings throughout her six-year term. Annette Brancati is also completing a six-year term as ABPANC Board member. She was Secretary/Treasurer for four years and seamlessly mentored her successor, Stuart Smith. Annette also visited countless component meetings and served on the Examination Construction Committee.

I invite all of you to consider volunteering for ABPANC. You can begin the journey as a CPAN or CAPA coach. Maybe you are the certification champion at work. That’s how I began. I saw the change in my nursing practice as a result of certification. I was more conscientious; I was more confident with decision making; and I was thrilled to update my nursing knowledge for my patients.

We are proud to honor our CPAN and CAPA nurses who are preparing for retirement with a new CPAN and/or CAPA Retired status. The new Retired status was created upon request from our nursing stakeholders. They want to hold onto that precious status as long as possible and the Retired status is a way for our nurses to be proud of their professional achievements! Please visit our website for more information about this new program or contact ABPANC at 800-622-7262, option 2.

As I transition to the Immediate Past President role, I am so grateful for the past three years as ABPANC President. I am both honored and humbled to have served as your leader. ABPANC is an organization with strong commitments to nursing certification, from our CEO Bonnie Niebuhr, to the Professional Staff at our office in New York City, to our very capable, creative, and focused Board members: Vicki Yfantis, Annette Brancati, Laura Williams, Zoni Gazy, Cidalia Vital, Celeste Jones, Jennifer Rice, and Stuart Smith. They are an amazing team and I am blessed to know them both professionally and personally. During my transition from President to Immediate Past President, I will ensure that Vicki Yfantis, President-Elect, is well prepared for all aspects of her new role. I will support her and reassure everyone that you are in good hands with Vicki.

In closing, do all that you can do for our patients by raising the bar for perianesthesia nursing best practice through CPAN and CAPA certification!

Warm Regards,
Linda Lakdawala DNP, RN, CPAN
ABPANC President