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CPAN Question of the Week

An unresponsive 25 kg patient arrives to PACU after an emergency appendectomy. Anesthetic agents received in the OR include sevoflurane, morphine, and rocuronium. Vitals on arrival are BP=100/72, HR=125, RR=26, T=37° C (99.1°F), SaO2=95%. After 10 minutes, the temperature increases to 38.6° C (101.5 °F) with generalized trunk rigidity, and premature ventricular contraction. The perianesthesia nurse suspects that the patient is exhibiting signs of:

  • 1. Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
  • 2. pseudocholinestrase deficiency.
  • 3. intraabdominal sepsis.
  • 4. malignant hyperthermia.

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CAPA Question of the Week

Patient anxiety over perceived loss of privacy and dignity in the PACU can be minimized by:

  • 1. anticipating the administration of an anxiolytic agent.
  • 2. providing clothing and blankets that provide adequate cover.
  • 3. assuring that all access to the OR is restricted.
  • 4. reassuring that anxiety is part of the surgical experience.

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