Study Question of the Week

Effective June 7, 2017, ABPANC will publish one CPAN or one CAPA study question on alternating weeks (not two questions each week).

Study questions cover content in the three domains of perianesthesia patient care:
  • Physiological Needs
  • Behavioral Health and Cognitive Needs
  • Safety Needs

The nursing knowledge to meet these needs are the same for both the CPAN and CAPA certification programs. It is the percentage of questions asked in each domain that varies, depending on whether the candidate is taking the CPAN or CAPA exam. For best practice, we recommend you review both CPAN and CAPA study questions.

CPAN Question of the Week

To decrease the chance of a postoperative complication related to a patient’s sickle cell anemia, the perianesthesia nurse instructs the patient on

  • 1. effective coughing and deep breathing.
  • 2. use of suprofen postoperatively.
  • 3. application of ice to operative site.
  • 4. pain scale use postoperatively.

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CAPA Question of the Week

While being discharged, a patient who has had carpal tunnel release under an axillary block reports that the extremity is still numb. The nursing priority is to:

  • 1. provide a sling or protection for the numb extremity.
  • 2. delay the discharge until sensation returns.
  • 3. remove the dressing and observe for compartment syndrome.
  • 4. alert the surgeon immediately due to neurovascular compromise.

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Each Wednesday at 6am ET, ABPANC will post a CPAN® or a CAPA® study question on alternating weeks. Use these questions to test your knowledge, display in your unit and discuss with your colleagues. The answer, along with the next week’s question, will be posted the following Wednesday at 6am.

For each question, we will post the reference from ABPANC’s Study References List, as well as the domain and content area information from the Test Blueprint.

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