ABPANC Leadership

ABPANC is currently governed by a dedicated and experienced group of ten volunteer leaders, nine of whom are registered nurses. One member of the Board is a Public Member. The ABPANC Bylaws allow for a range in the number of board members from nine to 13. The ABPANC Board of Directors elects all of its members. Two ex-officio members also serve on the Board of Directors — the ASPAN President and ABPANC Chief Executive Officer.

As an ABPANC Volunteer, you have the unique opportunity at the national level to contribute to the development of the CPAN® and CAPA® programs that recognize and promote excellence in perianesthesia nursing practice and, most importantly, are in the best interest of perianesthesia patients and their families.

Further, you have an opportunity to:

  • as nurses, give back to a profession that you’ve built a career on;
  • as Public Members, give a voice to the needs and expectations of perianesthesia patients and their families;
  • ensure the delivery of quality care and make a positive difference in patient outcomes;
  • influence national standards and practice;
  • advocate for perianesthesia patients and their loved ones at a global level beyond your immediate environment;
  • grow professionally in areas you’re not exposed to every day;
  • network nationally with colleagues beyond the walls of your own workplace;
  • be recognized as a national leader within your profession; and
  • collaborate with other national professional organizations and their leaders.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on the ABPANC Board of Directors, visit the Get Involved section for more information.

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