President’s Page

Nursing Passion in Action

Vicki Yfantis, MSN, RN, CRNP, CPAN

Ah…Summer. Sunshine, vacation, relaxing at the beach, eating fresh vegetables from my garden, ice cream, short sleeves and a permanent pony tail. These are things that I associate with summer. And of course, I am from Maryland so a crab feast is always in order. I have always viewed summer as a season of growth (anyone need cucumbers or squash?) and adventure. My adventure as the new President of ABPANC has just begun! Indeed, this promises to be an exciting year full of growth, adventure and change for ABPANC.

First, let’s talk about growth. With over 12,000 CPAN® and CAPA® certified perianesthesia nurses strong, ABPANC is proud to represent the best of the best in perianesthesia nursing. Currently, there are 7,447 CPAN, 5,000 CAPA and 650 dually certified nurses! Achieving your perianesthesia nursing certification designation tells your patients (and the world) that you are not just a Preadmission, Day of Surgery/Procedure, PACU, Phase II, or Extended Care nurse, but a certified expert in perianesthesia nursing. Congratulations on your achievement of perianesthesia nursing certification and your support of perianesthesia nursing excellence!

As part of ABPANC’s commitment to meet your needs, as well as the needs of your patients, APBANC is continuously growing our resources for both certified and not-yet-certified nurses. If you are thinking of becoming certified, or encouraging your colleagues to become certified, then check out our website where you will find a wealth of valuable study tools. ABPANC offers a multitude of resources, including the Certification Candidate Handbook, test blueprint, study references, 12-week study plan, test-taking webinars, Question of the Week, mobile study app, and practice exams (my personal favorite), to name a few.

Make studying for the CPAN and CAPA your summer adventure! I promise you that you will not regret it. Studying for the certification exam will only enrich your nursing career and enhance your practice. Don’t believe me? Please read the motivating certification stories found under the “My Certification Story” section of the ABPANC website. I dare you to not be inspired by these brilliant certified nurses.

Already certified? Check out our website to find everything you need to know regarding recertification, certification recognition, and some wonderful volunteer opportunities. ABPANC recently renewed its trademark registration for our vision statement, “CPAN® and CAPA® Certification: Nursing Passion in Action®.” I encourage you to find the passion in your fellow certified nursing colleagues and nominate a deserving certified nurse for the prestigious ABPANC Advocacy Award. Or, perhaps you are part of a nursing team that is made up of 75% certified nurses. If so, I urge you to check out ABPANC’s newest award, the ABPANC Certification Achievement Award. Share your passion for being the very best that you can be.

Make volunteering with ABPANC your summer adventure! There are so many amazing opportunities for you to make a difference, inspire others, and grow professionally. Becoming an exam item writer gives you the chance to have a direct impact on perianesthesia nursing certification. Serving as a certification coach gives you the chance to cheer on your fellow not-yet-certified colleagues. Submitting your My Certification Story gives you the chance to inspire that nurse who needs an extra boost of confidence to go on his/her certification journey.

ABPANC has put out a Call for Nominations, seeking passionate certified nurses to join the ABPANC Board of Directors. Perhaps, this is the opportunity for professional growth that you have been looking for? ABPANC’s Board of Directors is comprised of eight smart, dedicated and diverse certified nurses and one amazing public member. Taking on this adventure means that you will have the opportunity to make a major impact on the future of perianesthesia nursing certification, while working with a dynamic team. Consider submitting your name for consideration as an ABPANC Board member – click here.

And finally, change. I would like to acknowledge our two outgoing Board members, Annette Brancati and Laura Williams, who just finished their six years of service. Linda Lakdawala, ABPANC Immediate Past-President just completed three years as ABPANC President, rather than the usual two years, and will serve her last year on the Board as Immediate Past President. ABPANC thanks you for your impressive contributions to perianesthesia nursing certification and I thank you for your incredible service and mentorship.

I would also like to acknowledge and recognize Bonnie Niebuhr, ABPANC CEO, for her 22 years of extraordinary work. Without Bonnie’s strong, compassionate, and steadfast leadership, ABPANC would not be the thriving organization that it is today. Bonnie has announced her retirement at the end of this year. There are no words to adequately express my gratitude for Bonnie’s guidance and my genuine hope that she enjoys her well-deserved retirement. I would need at least ten more pages of space to list Bonnie’s astonishing contributions to ABPANC and to the national nursing certification and accreditation community. Although Bonnie’s shoes will be hard to fill, I am optimistic and confident that ABPANC’s future remains bright and promising.

So, whatever summer adventure you choose, whether it’s studying for the certification exam, writing exam questions, contemplating volunteering on the Board, or just trying to choose what flavor ice cream to have (no judgement) I wish you much success. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your new ABPANC President. I am honored to serve such a remarkable group of certified perianesthesia nurses!

Warm Regards,
Vicki Yfantis, MSN, RN, CRNP, CPAN
ABPANC President