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A quarterly column written by ABPANC’s Public Board Member about the opportunities to educate the public on the value of nursing certification.

Welcome 2018 – Making CPAN® and CAPA® Certification the Gold Standard for Perianesthesia Patient Care

As the Public Member on ABPANC’s Board of Directors I’m excited about the growth and evolution of perianesthesia nursing. All across the country nurses are sharing a commitment to continue their education with the goal of improving patient care. At the end of 2017 we had grown to a record 12,477 CPAN and CAPA certified nurses. All indications are that we’ll continue this growth in 2018.

To support these certification efforts, ABPANC has expanded its outreach by participating in the ANCC Magnet Conference and the ICPAN International Conference for Perianesthesia Nurses. In 2018, ABPANC plans to expand its leadership role in developing new programs and communications that promote the value of certification. Watch for our new Certification App and study resources to help perianesthesia nurses learn about emerging best practices in preparation for the CPAN and/or CAPA Certification exam.

Over the past few years that I have been writing this column, I have always approached the perspective of certification from my own experience with my SHRM certification, or from a family perspective of a patient – never as a patient.  Recently, I had bypass surgery, and I can tell you that I was fortunate to have had the surgery in Fort Lauderdale at a Magnet hospital where the nurses were certified. Having gone through this experience, I can honestly say that the medical care and treatment that I received from the hospital and doctors was outstanding – but even more outstanding was the care I received from the ICU and Intermediate Critical Care Unit nurses. These ladies and gentlemen always had my best healthcare in mind, and I truly can’t say enough good things about them and their skills.

I know that these professionals are just a sampling of the many CPAN and CAPA nurses throughout the United States. So, from a very personal perspective, thank you all for your efforts in becoming certified and maintaining your certification. From my own personal experience, it does make a difference to patients and their family member! Your CPAN and CAPA certification is the gold standard for perianesthesia patient care!

In closing, ABPANC is very pleased to welcome our new CEO, Krista Bower. Krista is a great addition to the ABPANC team, and has been transitioning with our Board and staff the past two months. Krista brings an extraordinary vision to our Board with a passion for excellence that will ensure we deliver the resources you need to become the best that you can be. To learn more about Krista, please click on our new release

Thank you for your support of CPAN® and CAPA® Certification – Nursing Passion in Action®.

In good health!

Stuart Smith, BS, SPHR
Stuart Smith, BS, SPHR
ABPANC Public Member

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