The Public’s Perspective – February 2016

A quarterly column written by ABPANC’s Public Board Member about the opportunities to educate the public on the value of nursing certification.

Happy New Year! In a blink of an eye, 2015 is behind us and 2016 is off to a good start.

For most of us, as we start the New Year, we will make some well-intended New Year’s resolutions. If you are like me, some of mine never really make it out of the starting gate – or don’t get very far out of the gate if started. Maybe it’s because we are too ambitious with our resolutions, or maybe we have too many resolutions, or maybe things change beyond our control, so we can’t accomplish them. Whatever, the reasons, I think our intentions are well meaning, and we probably think, “I’ll get around to it later this year”, or “I will start next year and will REALLY make it happen then.” Sound familiar?

Let me ask you a question about your career. Do you have any resolutions you have made to yourself for the New Year that involve your profession or your career? A resolution that includes CPAN® and CAPA® certification for yourself, or, if you already have your certification, encouraging one of your peers or staff to achieve their certification? It’s not too late to make this one of your early 2016 resolutions!

As the Public Member on the Board of Directors for ABPANC, I want to kick-off the New Year with a challenge to increase the numbers of CPAN and CAPA certified nurses. Now that I have put the challenge out there, a question you might ask is why does he care about this so much and how does this involve me? (Well, that’s what I hope you are asking.) Here’s how ABPANC answers this: “CPAN® and CAPA® Certification is: Nursing Passion in Action®“.

“Nursing Passion in Action.” Now that’s awesome!!!! As a patient or a family member of a patient, that’s exactly what I want to see and experience.

As the Public Member on the ABPANC Board of Directors, I provide insight from an “outsider’s” point of view to your profession and the importance of certification for not only yourself, your peers, your units, and your hospitals or clinics, but most importantly, for your patients and their families. Certification is important! We know that patients respect your certification and so does your employer. Nurses who pursue certification like this are typically leaders and motivators that represent their organization well. When perianesthesia nurses are certified and patients are receiving the best care possible by knowledgeable and experienced nurses, your hospital or ambulatory center benefits with a reputation for trust and integrity.

My challenge to you is to take the CPAN and/or CAPA certification examination(s) in 2016. If you already have it, then encourage at least one person you work with to do so as well. The personal benefits to you are numerous as are the benefits that your patients will receive from the validation of knowledge and experience that certification provides.

The Spring 2016 registration window is open until March 7th, and the Early Bird discount window closes on February 22nd at 11:59 pm. You can make a difference to the profession of nursing and the patients and families you care for as well as many others by making this one of your resolutions in 2016. One person can make a difference. You can be that one person. Are you up for the challenge?

See the Public Awareness Campaign, “Certified Nurses are Everywhere,” sponsored by ABPANC and other professional nursing organizations.

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