The Public’s Perspective – November 2016

A quarterly column written by ABPANC’s Public Board Member about the opportunities to educate the public on the value of nursing certification.

Fall 2016 ABPANC Article

As we are into autumn now, I want to provide you with a brief update of the ABPANC Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting that took place in mid-August. Although all of the ABPANC BOD meetings are productive and successful, this past meeting was a step above the others.

The reason why I say this was an exceptional meeting is because we spent an entire day discussing ABPANC’s future and outlined a revised strategic operating plan that encompasses just about everything ABPANC does as an organization. I’m excited about this from the Public Member’s perspective, as the new plan is supportive of CPAN and CAPA, and is designed to help increase the public’s awareness of the value and importance of certification. The plan is designed to help perianethesia nurses receive the well-deserved recognition each and every one deserves for achieving and maintaining their certification.

ABPANC’s Board of Directors will continue to focus on our future and the importance of perianesthesia nursing certification. The future is here, and ABPANC is prepared for what it has brought. Rest assured, we will continue to adjust our strategic plan when and where it is needed.

On a slightly different note, looking back to this past winter’s article, I challenged you to a New Year’s resolution of increasing certification within your profession. How have you been doing with this? Have you taken the steps to achieve your own CPAN or CAPA certification or re-certification? Have you encouraged your peers to achieve theirs?

As we begin the final quarter in 2016, and start thinking about 2017 (and what your goals might be), please keep your career in mind – including certification and/or recertification. Also, don’t forget to nominate one of your peers for the ABPANC Advocacy Award. I know there are many heroes out there, but you need to tell us about them!

On the behalf of your patients and their families, thank you for making a difference in your profession. It is greatly appreciated.

Have a safe and healthy holiday season to come. In good health!

Stuart Smith, BS, SPHR
Stuart Smith, BS, SPHR

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