The Public’s Perspective – Winter 2016

A quarterly column written by ABPANC’s Public Board Member about the opportunities to educate the public on the value of nursing certification.

Winter 2016 ABPANC Article

This certainly has been a fast-paced year, and ABPANC has done an excellent job keeping up with the pace. I would like to point out a few areas that as the Public Member, I feel are innovative and supportive for perianesthesia nurses seeking certification or recertification.

First up are the marketing tools that have been created for ABPANC’s efforts to support certification and recertification. We continue to expand the use of social media – and I am pleased to say that we saw an increase of 5% more followers in the past quarter. We have also seen an increase in our “page visits” on the ABPANC website. And our YouTube video engagement has increased by over 30% in the last quarter.

The second area where ABPANC continues to enhance the certification and recertification process with study tools is the “Question of the Week.” We are seeing strong visits to the “Question of the Week” site and are receiving numerous positive comments about the site. This tool is a great resource to use when studying for certification or recertification in addition to providing general knowledge about your profession.

We will continue to provide new enhancements to support the CPAN® and CAPA® certification process. So, stay tuned as after the first of the year, we will be rolling out new additions and enhancements all designed to assist perianesthesia nurses during their certification or recertification process.

Now, as we wind down the year, do you remember at the beginning of 2016, I asked about New Year’s resolutions, and if you had professional certification or recertification on your list – or if you were encouraging your peers to become certified? So, how did you do with this? Please keep this goal in mind as we move into 2017. The spring certification window will be here before we know it. The Registration Window – Online opens January 9th and stays open until March 27th. Please see the ABPANC website for more information on registering for CPAN and/or CAPA certification.

As the Public Member, and as I have stated several times in this column, I don’t take your certification lightly – I know it’s a challenging and rewarding process to achieve your certification. Don’t be shy in letting your patients and their families know. As you know, any type of medical procedure causes stress, and anything that you can do to help lower stress in your patients and their families is appreciated by them. So, think about us and let us know about your certification….it does help us. And by the way, congratulations on achieving first time certification or maintaining your CPAN and/or CAPA certification!

Also, don’t forget about ABPANC’s Advocacy Award designed to recognize a CPAN and/or CAPA certified nurse who exemplifies leadership as a patient advocate. It’s a great award and an opportunity for you to nominate one of your peers for going above and beyond in helping a patient. I am sure you have seen a peer going that extra mile, so submit your nomination no later than February 15th. Please see the ABPANC website for more information including the electronic submission form.

In closing, I hope you had a healthy and successful 2016, and I wish you all the best for 2017!

In Good Health!

Stuart Smith, BS, SPHR
Stuart Smith, BS, SPHR

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