The Benefits of CPAN® and CAPA® Certification

The Benefits of Certification are many. Not only will you be advancing your own professional education and knowledge, but you will be joining an elite group of experienced nursing colleagues who collectively serve to promote quality patient care while enhancing the awareness and respect of Perianesthesia Nursing.

ABPANC will share with you the latest developments in your specialty and best practices for optimum patient care. Your peers will respect your professional certification and your patients will be comforted by the assurance that you have taken the time and effort necessary to further your education and become the best that you can be.

Reasons to Certify

  • Reflects commitment to perianesthesia nursing and quality patient care
  • Increased professional credibility with patients and their loved ones
  • Validation of current knowledge, experience and commitment to life-long learning
  • Strong sense of achievement, personal pride and increased self esteem
  • Gives a competitive edge in the job market

Trust and Integrity

Patients respect your certification and so does your employer. Nurses who pursue advanced certification like this are typically leaders and motivators that represent their organization well. When nurses are certified and patients are receiving the best care possible, your hospital or ambulatory center benefits with a reputation for trust and integrity.

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