Why don’t we have a retired status?

The board has reviewed this issue many times and believes that having a retired status runs contrary to the purpose of certification — which is to protect the public. Certification reflects recency and currency of knowledge and experience — allowing retired candidates to continue to use a certification credential is not in keeping with ABPANC’s philosophy. In addition, it sends a mixed message to the public. They are lucky to know who the RN is let alone understanding what a certified RN is — to introduce the concept of a retired certified RN adds further confusion. Many of our certification organization colleagues do offer a retired status so we often have to defend our decision. We do recognize that letting go of a credential that one has worked so hard to achieve is difficult. If a CPAN or CAPA is retiring and not able to recertify, they receive notification in their expired notice that if they fill out the Why Not Renew Survey, we will send them a lovely certificate noting the period they were certified.