More than 12,000 registered nurses currently hold the CPAN® and CAPA® credentials granted by ABPANC. To ensure that certified nurses possess the most up-to-date knowledge and have recent and current experience, the CPAN and CAPA certification credentials are awarded for three years and must be renewed. It is imperative that nurses wishing to recertify carefully review the entire online Recertification Handbook.

The CPAN and CAPA credentials are registered service marks. Registered Nurses who have not achieved CPAN and/or CAPA certification status are not authorized to use these credentials.

Options for Recertification

Recertification candidates have two options:

  1. Re-Examination, or
  2. Continual Learning Program as described in the online Recertification Handbook.

Recertification candidates that choose re-examination and are unsuccessful may not then choose to recertify by the Continual Learning Program. The deadlines to renew by examination are available in the Certification — Examination Administration section.

Access the Online Recertification System

All new and existing CPAN/CAPA Certificants due to recertify have already set up a user account in the online system. Please log in to your account at the prompt below. If you have difficulty logging in please contact ABPANC for assistance. Certificants can log in and track their contact hours in the Continual Learning Documentation Log, which functions as an “electronic filing cabinet.” You are encouraged to log your continual learning activities as you earn them throughout your three-year certification cycle and to keep copies of documentation verifying all your continual learning activities.

To access this feature and access your account to recertify, click here.

Renewal Notices

ABPANC sends recertification candidates several reminders and renewal notices via email. A “Recertification Reminder” is sent one year prior to the expiration date of your credential; a First Renewal Notice is sent approximately 120 days prior to expiration (the First Renewal Notice will notify you of whether or not you have been selected for Audit); a Second Renewal Notice is sent approximately 45 days prior to expiration; and a final “reminder” is sent two weeks prior to expiration.

While ABPANC will make efforts to remind Certificants of approaching expiration dates, each Certificant is ultimately responsible for making sure that he/she has met the recertification requirements and submitted a recertification application on time. It is your responsibility to make sure that the mailing address and email address on file with ABPANC is correct at all times. Please add ABPANC to a safe senders list in the email that is linked to your credential, and remember to check both your Spam and Junk folders for recertification reminders.