Continual Learning Documentation Log

To facilitate your ability to log and track contact hours that you earn, ABPANC has created a Continual Learning Documentation Log that functions as an “electronic filing cabinet.” You are encouraged to log your continual learning activities as you earn them throughout your three-year certification cycle and keep copies of documentation verifying all your continual learning activities.

If you are selected for Audit when it is time for you to recertify, you will be required to submit a completed Log form and documentation of verifying all your continual learning activities. Updating the Log form on a regular basis will save you time if you are selected for audit.

Click here to access the online Recertification System and the Continual Learning Documentation Log. All new and existing CPAN/CAPA Certificants have already set up a user account in the online system. If you have difficulty logging in please contact ABPANC for assistance.

Click here to download copies of the Verification Forms of Continual Learning Activities.