2012 Recipient of the ABPANC Advocacy Award

ABPANC Advocacy Award Winners and Stories

The winner of ABPANC’s 12th Annual Advocacy Award is Connie Hardy Tabet, RN, CPAN®, CAPA®, a staff nurse and part time charge nurse in the PACU/Outpatient Surgery Unit of the University of New Mexico Hospital. Tabet regularly demonstrates a personal compassion and commitment to perianesthesia nursing and has gone above and beyond her normal job responsibilities to take initiative as a patient advocate.

In this year’s nomination, Tabet was recognized for using her power of innovative problem solving to help a patient who felt helpless and abandoned when her designated ride didn’t show up. Tabet arranged for a taxi to take her home and called the patient’s minister to arrange for a church member to meet the patient at her home. She obtained a voucher to pay for the taxi fare, made a trip to the offsite pharmacy to fill the patient’s prescriptions, and even shared her lunch with the patient.

Linda Rogers, RN, CAPA, a colleague, nominated Tabet for the award and included personal stories of how she has made a difference in the lives of patients and peers at her workplace. ABPANC honored Tabet during the CPAN/CAPA Celebration Luncheon, held at the 2012 American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN) Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Tabet received a framed certificate, the Lladro Statue of a nurse, and a scholarship to cover her next recertification fee. ABPANC awarded Tabet’s unit with a check for $350 to be used for certification fees, continuing education fees, books or study guides. Rogers received a $100 cash award for her nomination.

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