2014 Recipient of the ABPANC Advocacy Award

ABPANC Advocacy Award Winners and Stories

The winner of ABPANC’s 14th Annual Advocacy Award is Cathy A. Lee, BSN, RN, CPAN, CAPA, CCRN, a perianesthesia nurse at Vanderbilt Outpatient Surgery Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Cathy regularly demonstrates empathic care and standards of excellence that go far beyond normal job responsibilities. She takes initiatives and demonstrates a unique interpersonal understanding of advocating for the best quality patient care.

In this year’s nomination, Cathy Lee was recognized for providing assistance to a patient and family who was unable to acquire their post-operative medications. The family was not able to afford the prescriptions, so the surgeon’s office had set up in advance, a voucher through the hospital’s outpatient pharmacy. However, the O.R. case was late in finishing and the pharmacy was closed for the day. Attempts to reach the on-call social worker were unsuccessful and the family lived 3 hours away in another state. The medicines prescribed were for antibiotics and pain that would be required that evening. Cathy contacted a local pharmacy and explained the situation and negotiated for payment on her credit card so the family was able to proceed home safely.

In other examples of patient advocacy, Cathy Lee has shown compassion and caring for patients with PTSD and emotional health concerns. She helped reschedule surgery for a homeless person that had shown up having eaten breakfast before his surgery. With no place to go, a cast on his leg, and having not taken a shower in several days, Cathy contacted the hospital social worker who was able to secure a room for the night, with transportation back to the hospital for a 0730 case start.

Mary Fran Hammond, Nurse Manager, nominated Lee for the award and included personal stories of how she has made a difference in the lives of patients at her workplace. ABPANC honored Cathy Lee during the CPAN/CAPA Celebration Luncheon, held at the 2014 American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN) Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cathy Lee received a framed certificate, the Lladro Statue of a nurse, and a scholarship to cover her next recertification fee. ABPANC awarded Lee’s unit with a check for $350 to be used for certification fees, continuing education fees, books or study guides. Hammond received a $100 cash award for her nomination.

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