CPAN®/CAPA® Study Tools

ABPANC offers a wide range of resources to help you study and prepare for the CPAN and CAPA certification exams. Read the Certification Candidate Handbook, and review the Test Blueprints to identify your individual learning needs. Be sure to study from a variety of sources! If you study from one or two references, or try to “cram” for the exam, you will not be adequately prepared to sit for the CPAN and CAPA certification examinations.

Certification Candidate Handbook
This booklet explains how the exams are developed and graded, with valuable information to help you prepare. Please read this Handbook in its entirety – it contains vital information and policies about the examination process.

Test Blueprints
Complete listing of patient needs and related nursing knowledge that comprise the CPAN and CAPA examinations.

Study References
This list of references is the only sanctioned study references used to create the examination questions and correct answers.

12-week Study Plan
Organizes the content defined in the test blueprints into topics that can be reviewed in approximately four hours per week.

Study Question of the Week
Each Wednesday at 6am ET, ABPANC will post a CPAN® or a CAPA® study question. Use these questions to test your knowledge, display in your unit and discuss with your colleagues. The answer, along with the next week’s question, will be posted the following Wednesday at 6am.

Practice Exams
50 multiple choice questions are similar in form and content to the actual exam. Includes the correct answers and references. Buy One, Get One Free

Mobile Study App
Practice reviewing study questions anytime, anywhere on your phone or mobile device. 100 CPAN and CAPA questions – $9.99

Study Tips
A quick reference guide with tips for organizing a study outline, identifying study resources, and dealing with test anxiety.

— Test Taking Strategies
— Conquering Test Anxiety and Fear of Failure

Mind Mapping Study Guide
A creative way to organize information to study for the exam, while mapping your own knowledge base and areas of need.

Certification Coach

For information about finding a CPAN or CAPA Certification Coach in your area, or for help forming study groups, contact (212-367-4236)

Reference Materials

ABPANC does not endorse or sponsor any review courses. A variety of companies offer review courses and study materials. ABPANC cautions you to be sure the information that they provide is accurate. For example, are they basing their information on the Test Blueprints? Are they suggesting that candidates study from ABPANC’s Study References, or recommending that you study from only one or two references?

Any vendor that promises to “have the inside track” on the CPAN and CAPA examination questions or to know the questions that are asked, is not being truthful. If you study from one or two references, or try to “cram” for the exam, you will not be adequately prepared to sit for the CPAN and CAPA certification examinations. A more thoughtful study plan takes more time. Refer to ABPANC’s Study Tips brochure for more information and be sure to use the free 12-week Study Plan to structure your study efforts.