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The New Practice Exams (Web Tests) are Better than Ever!

New Blueprint & Study References. As of July 1, 2017, the practice exams (Web Tests) were revised to conform to the new CPAN/CAPA examinations Blueprints, as well as the new study references list, which will take effect in the Fall 2017 Administration.

Two Ways to Practice. You may take the exam in Study mode, and see and review your answers immediately. Or, for a more exam-like experience, you can practice in Test mode, and wait until the end to see the correct answer. To take the exam in Study Mode, click the GRADE button at the bottom of your screen to reveal the correct answer at the end of each question. For help, press the “Help” button on the bottom of your screen.

New Question and Score Report Detail. For each question, you will see the correct answer, the domain, the content area, as well as at least once reference. The score report that you will receive at the conclusion of the Web Test will provide you with a second chance to review this information. You will also be provided with domain level feedback that you may use to focus your study efforts as you design a study plan.

Optional Timer. You will have 3.3 hours (200 minutes) to take and review each Web Test. For a more test-like experience, you can activate the timer by pressing the Time button on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. You will see the amount of time you have remaining.

Register. Click here to purchase the Web Test. Be sure to note which form you are purchasing, as each of the 4 forms has 50 unique questions. If this is your first time purchasing the Web Test, you will be asked to register.

Please email Jane Kogan at with any additional questions regarding exam style or content.

If you have issues using the exam program, lost your voucher or exam form information, or have an unused exam voucher from ABPANC’s previous practice exam provider, please contact or call 913-895-4828.

Program Overview

There are 4 CPAN® and 4 CAPA® 50-question web test forms available for purchase. Each exam has a unique set of questions and was created according to ABPANC’s test blueprint. ABPANC’s practice examination (web test) program was developed based upon feedback from candidates, and is designed to be representative of the types of questions seen on the actual CPAN and CAPA Examinations!

With the BOGO promotion, get 2 exams for $50 dollars! Candidates can now receive 8 contact hours for completing two web tests.

You can take the web tests at your own convenience, from your home computer. After each question, you will learn if you answered the question correctly and at least one reference supporting the answer to the question will be displayed. You will have a second opportunity to review the references at the end of the practice examination so that you do not need to stop after each question to look up the answer in the references. At the completion of a Web Test a summary page is provided that lists the questions and the reference(s) on which the answer is based. You will receive a scaled score on overall performance, just like with the actual CPAN and CAPA examinations. The passing scaled score is 450. You will also be provided with domain level feedback which may help you focus your study efforts as you design a study plan. ABPANC’s web tests must be used within one year of purchase.

ABPANC’s Practice Exams (Web Tests) are study tool only. They should be regarded as a tool to assess strengths and weaknesses. It is not intended to serve as a study guide nor should it be used as a substitute for studying.  While content may be representative of the type of knowledge and skills tested on the CPAN and CAPA certification examinations, this material is not identical to the content of the examinations.  A passing score on a Web Test does not in any way guarantee a passing score on any ABPANC certification examination. Use of ABPANC’s Web Tests is not a requirement for eligibility or for success in passing any ABPANC certification examination.

Helpful Tip: You will not be allowed to print pages listing the questions and references. You are encouraged to have a copy of ABPANC’s Study References List — with you as you take a web test and make notes about which references/page numbers are cited.

This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the Ohio Nurses Association (OBN-001-91), an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Approval valid through 12/14/2018

Program Details

The purpose of the online CPAN® and CAPA® Web Tests is to provide a simulated (or similar) experience to taking the actual CPAN and/or CAPA certification examinations, and to provide an overview of candidate strengths and knowledge gaps. Questions on the web test are representative of the types of questions seen on the actual CPAN and/or CAPA certification examinations. The correct answer and at least one reference is provided for each question as a study aid.

Please note: ABPANC does not provide the rationale for the correct answer. It is a better study process for you to determine the rationale by reviewing the information in the reference.


After completion of a CPAN or CAPA web test, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the style of question that will be encountered on the CPAN and CAPA certification examinations.
  2. Identify the pace needed to answer multiple-choice questions on the CPAN and CAPA certification examinations.
  3. Demonstrate answering multiple-choice questions like those found on the actual CPAN and/or CAPA certification examinations.
  4. Describe your strengths and gaps in knowledge to identify content areas for further study.
  5. Identify references for further study.

The target audience includes CPAN and CAPA certification examination candidates, any perianesthesia nurse interested in assessing their knowledge related to perianesthesia patient needs, and CPAN and CAPA certified nurses who wish to acquire ABPANC contact hours for CPAN and CAPA recertification.

Contact Hours

You may receive contact hours once for taking the 2 CPAN® Web Tests and once for taking the 2 CAPA® Web Tests. You may not receive partial credit for taking only one exam.

You may also earn ABPANC continual learning credit for CPAN and/or CAPA recertification purposes: this activity applies to Direct Care. The Certificate of Completion, awarded once you complete the evaluation tool, will serve as verification of your participation.


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Requirements for Successful Completion

You must complete each Web Tests form within the 200 minutes or 3.3 hour time frame and complete and submit the evaluation tool each time you complete an examination form. A link to the Certificate of Completion is available at the end of the evaluation. You will be required to attest that you’ve completed two exam forms.

Disclosure Statement

The planners and content experts for this educational activity have conflicts of interest disclosure.