CPAN® and CAPA® Practice Exams FAQs

Why should I take a Web Test?

Both the CPAN® and CAPA® Web Tests will:

  • Expose you to multiple-choice questions that are similar in form and content to the types of questions seen on the actual CPAN or CAPA certification examination;
  • Provide immediate feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of your knowledge of the three domains of perianesthesia patient care;
  • Focus your study efforts as you design a study plan;
  • Identify areas of weakness to focus study efforts;
  • Help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your perianesthesia nursing knowledge base in order to meet patient needs.

The purpose of a Web Test is to provide you with a simulated (or similar) experience to taking the actual CPAN or CAPA certification examination. Unlike the real examination experience you will be informed if you answered a question correctly or incorrectly and the reference(s) for that question and correct answer will be provided.

The scoring information that is provided will help guide you to identify further study needs and allow you to assess which domains you may need further study. The Web Test should be used as a tool to assess your level of preparedness for the actual examination. It is not intended to be the sole means of study for the examination, or the sole means of evaluation of your readiness to test.

What are the CPAN and CAPA Web Tests like?

The Web Test questions are questions that were previously developed by CPAN and CAPA certified nurses who are content experts using the same methods used to develop the actual certification examinations but these questions have been retired from the ABPANC examination question bank. They have been reviewed and updated and referenced accordingly.
Each of the CPAN and CAPA Web Tests have 50 questions and have been developed to correlate with the CPAN and CAPA examination blueprints. You will be tested on content that falls into the following three domains of perianesthesia patient needs and the nursing knowledge needed to meet those needs:

  • Physiological Needs
  • Behavioral Health and Cognitive Needs
  • Safety Needs
    • The content of the Web Tests, while representative of the type of questions on the CPAN or CAPA certification examinations, does not necessarily mirror the content that will appear on the actual certification examinations.

      Each examination must be completed within 200 minutes (or 3.3 hours). You will have the option to see a countdown of the time elapsing as you take a Web Test.

How are the CPAN and CAPA Web Tests scored?

Feedback about your performance on the Web Test will be given. The passing scores for the CPAN and CAPA Web Tests have been set by ABPANC at a total scale score of 450. For the purposes of scoring the Web Tests, an average of the passing points used in the past several administrations on the actual CPAN and CAPA examinations has been used to determine the number of questions one would have to answer correctly to achieve a scale score of 450 on the Web Tests.

Please note: A certain score on the Web Test does not in any way predict or guarantee the same or similar score on any of ABPANC’s actual certification examinations. Web Tests can be used to provide an indication of your level of preparation for the actual certification examination, however they cannot be relied on to accurately predict performance on an actual certification examination.

What do the CPAN and CAPA Web Tests cost?

Each Web Test costs $50, payable by credit card. With the BOGO promotion, you receive 2 exams for $50 dollars.
How long is my Web Test voucher valid?

The Web Test voucher expires one year after purchase.
What is my Web Test Form Number?

Your Web Test Form Number can be found on your score report, which is emailed to you when you complete the exam. If you have additional questions, you can email or call 913-895-4828.
How can I redeem my voucher to launch a CPAN or CAPA Web Test?

After purchasing a CPAN and/or CAPA Web Test, you will be given a voucher number for each examination you have purchased. This number will be needed to launch the Web Test. A copy of your voucher numbers will also be sent to the email address you have used to register for the Web Tests. If you do not receive this email, check your spam folder. If you are ready to test immediately after purchasing the examination, you can launch the first examination from the same page that your voucher numbers are listed by following the link on the website. To launch future examinations, please refer to the list of voucher numbers sent to your email address. A voucher can only be used once.
Can I purchase a Web Test for someone else?

Yes. The voucher system makes it possible to purchase multiple examinations for multiple users. This may be particularly useful for study groups or employers who want to purchase Web Tests for staff planning to test in the near future. You will be sent a unique voucher number for each Web Test purchased. Please provide a unique voucher number to each individual testing. After those candidates have created an account in the system, they can skip the purchase option and click on Redeem Voucher. They will then enter the voucher number provided to gain access to the Web Test.
Can I earn contact hours for taking a CPAN or CAPA Web Test?

You may receive contact hours once for taking the CPAN Web Test and once for taking the CAPA Web Test.

You may also earn ABPANC continual learning credit (contact hours) for CPAN and/or CAPA recertification purposes, this activity applies to Direct Care. The Certificate of Completion, awarded once you complete the evaluation tool, will serve as verification of your participation.

What do I do if I lose my certificate?

Contact Jane Kogan at to have your certificate reissued.
How can I find out about further study tools?

Check out the Study Tools section of the ABPANC website for access to a wide range of free resources to help you prepare for the CPAN and/or CAPA exams.
How different are the CPAN and CAPA Web Tests — Can I take the Web Tests for both?

As you will note on the CPAN and CAPA examination blueprints, which serve as the basis for the construction of each actual examination as well as the Web Tests, the domains of patient needs — Physiological, Behavioral/Cognitive, and Safety, and the nursing knowledge needed to meet those needs — are the same for both the CPAN and CAPA certification programs. It is the percentage of questions asked in each domain of patient needs that varies, depending on whether the candidate is taking the CPAN or CAPA examination and the context for the questions will differ. For added practice, a candidate may desire to take some or all of the 8 CPAN and CAPA Web Test forms that are available.
How often may I take a Web Test?

You may take a Web Test as often as you like but please note that you must pay the fee of $50 each time you purchase two Web Tests.

Please email Jane Kogan at with any additional questions regarding exam style or content. If you have issues using the exam program, please contact or call 913-895-4828.